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Iron Moa

Pipe Clothing Rail

Pipe Clothing Rail

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The Iron Moa pipe clothing rail is perfect for home or retail settings. Designed to be strong and stable the rack is often used in commercial shops or boutique clothing stores.

Slide the support bar up or down to achieve a double rail perfect for short tops, folded pants or children's clothes. Alternatively choose between a 150cm or 170cm hanging length. Suitable for retail and home.

We design all our products and use our DIY components to make up kitsets. Contact us for customization or bulk orders.


Both 150cm and 170cm rails are included in the same pack. Use a 170cm height and 150cm width, or a 150cm height and a 170cm width: supplied: 2x 150cm pipe and 2x 170cm pipe.

Product Features:

  • Single or double rail
  • Choose between 150cm or 170cm setup
  • Lightweight and strong build
  • Iron Moa's quality pipe finish

Extra Features:

Pipe & Fittings Info

Premium Quality Pipe

Iron Moa carbon steel pipe and iron fittings undergo extensive preparation to ensure they meet New Zealand consumer standards. The sandblasting process creates a unique quality texture that is hard to find elsewhere.

Pipe and fittings are not galvanized being intended for indoor use. While paint provides a barrier to moisture, when using in a wet or outdoor environment we suggest using clear coat spray for extra rust protection.

Observe the quality difference between Iron Moa and cheap finishes here: 

+ Pipe wall thickness 2.7mm
+ Sandblasted and professionally prepped for long lasting results
+ Durable epoxy paint or electroplating finish
+ Select from 5 colours


Pipes come with a layer of rust protection and clear coat rust protection of fittings. For long term protection wood wax or clear coat is advised.

Classic Black

Pipe and fittings are sandblasted for maximum epoxy paint adhesion leading to a longer lasting product.

Silver Scandi

Pipe and fittings are sandblasted before being coated with clear coat epoxy leading to a longer lasting product.

Rustic Bronze

Pipe and fittings are electroplated with bronze to create an authentic rustic finish.


This range is for customers who wish to spray pipe a custom colour and is sandblasted ready for paint adhesion. Alternatively these pipe and fittings can be left to develop surface rust to create a Corten Steel style finish.


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You may notice some of our products are named after New Zealand's native plants and animals. Raising awareness of New Zealand's fragile biodiversity isn't our only goal. Your purchase enables us to supporting QEII in preserving endangered species.

Here are some other reasons you should feel good about yourself when you shop with Iron Moa:

+ Northland sourced Macrocarpa and Pine Timber

+ Supporting NZ economy and small businesses

+ Plastic free packaging

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