How to assemble pipe furniture products correctly

How to assemble pipe furniture products correctly

With pipe furniture growing a global following, DIY and interior designers are building everything from shelves to tables and lamps. Despite the easy nature of assembling pipe furniture there are many things that can go wrong.

Here are 6 steps on how to professionally build your pipe furniture.


Getting Your Parts Ready

Before your start you'll need to complete the following checklist
  • Select what size of pipe you'll need. Typically 1/2 inch (25mm) or 3/4 inch (20mm) suit most projects.
  • Make a plan of how many parts you will need beforehand.
  • Shop around to find the best options.


Assembling Your Pipe Furniture

Now you're ready here's how to fit your pipes and fittings together:

  1. Measure and mark wood or walls where you intend to permanently fix your pipe furniture fittings.
  2. Starting with the final part of your design assemble pipe and fittings in a linear order.
  3. Add a medium strength threadlock and work backwards through your design.
  4. Tighten parts by hand until fully assembled (don't worry, your threadlock will take 24 hours to set).
  5. Once constructed, wrap a cloth around pipe and fittings before using joint pliers to apply final tightening (this avoids scratching parts).
  6. Align your fittings and using appropriate screws to secure to wood or walls. This can be done using a flange or u bracket.
  7. Wait for threadlock to set overnight.


Care For Your Industrial Vibes

Well done. Now you have some standout furniture it's time to care for it. If your pipe is uncoated using wood wax from your DIY store is a good way to protect it from moisture. 

Keep your pipe well polished with a metal polish to make them sparkle, or let them rust to turn up the vibes.

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